Bracket fungi Two of the species shown - Fomes fomentarius and Piptopurus betulinus - were found in Otzi the 5000 year old iceman. The former is used as a firestarter, hence its popular name - tinder fungus.
Cap fungi
Gasteroid fungi
  • The gasteroid fungi exhibit diverse fruiting bodies, but the spores always form and mature internally.
  • In the puffballs the spores form inside spherical-shaped bodies and are released either by wind or by raindrops.
  • The same clever mechanism has evolved separately in the earthstars which have a hard outer layer. This splits open in a star-like manner to reveal the puffball-like spore sack.
Jelly fungi Fungi with foliose or irregularly branched fruiting bodies. They appear to have the consistency of jelly but, in reality, many are rather rubbery or gelatinous. When they dry out they become hard and shriveled, and when exposed to water, they return to their original consistency.
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Bracket fungi
Cap fungi
Gasteroid fungi
Jelly fungi
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